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1000CHI’s Mobile Download Accelerator/Manager For Nokia Phone’s (Symbian)

With an increase in the number of smart-phones and availability of high speed Internet on mobile phone’s more and more users are downloading data directly to their cell phones be it audio files, documents, images or even video files. And because of this there is a need for download managers and download accelerators (to achieve maximum speeds). One such mobile download accelerator and manager available is 1000CHI Mobile Download Accelerator.

Mobile Download Accelerator Review

1000CHI Mobile Download Accelerator has an attractive user interface and supports touch devices. It supports shell integration and upon installation integrates itself with the default Nokia’s download manager. Installation and setup is fairly easy, all you need to do is download the application (see link below) and install it on your device. Once you have installed it, just open the application, change the download settings as per your needs (better off to leave it as default settings) and close it. Now, whenever you will try to download any file using your mobile phone’s native browser (and NOT opera mini, opera mobile, etc), you will be asked to either download it using Mobile Download Accelerator or by mobile phone’s native download manager.

My Opinion

This being said, i, personally did not find this application useful at all. There was not acceleration in download and download management was basic, as provided by my mobile phone (Tried it on Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233). In-fact, running this application in background exerted extra pressure on RAM (and phone battery as well) and in one instance 1000CHI’s mobile download accelerator messed up a song download as well. So, in short, nokia’s default download manager (NO download accelerator but that doesn’t matter as there was no acceleration of downloads while using 1000CHI’s Mobile Download Accelerator!) served the purpose well and saves the time spent to setup, run (and un-install) this application.

It is a free application and can be downloaded directly from Ovi Store (Nokia Users).



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