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Staqu Launches AI-Powered Trinetra 2.0 Featuring Crime GPT in Collaboration with UP Police

Staqu Technologies, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions company, has launched its latest AI-powered offering, Crime GPT in collaboration with the UP Government and Special Task Force.

Crime GPT utilizes criminal database and delivers results based on written and audio inputs. For example, if any information is needed regarding the number of felonies committed by a criminal within the last two years, the query is input in written form or as a voice message. The tool immediately accesses the database and delivers the desired results. It comes with features such as facial recognition, speaker identification, voice recognition, and criminal gang analysis among others.

Crime GPT is an extension of Staqu’s pioneering Trinetra application. Trinetra utilizes facial recognition and audio cues to detect, monitor and maintain a criminal’s trail, making it easier to track and apprehend the criminal. With collaboration with the UP police department, Staqu had previously built a digitized database of more than 9,00,000 criminals, becoming the first Indian company to achieve this in the process.

This new generative AI tool delivers swift information on any data like CCTV feed, images, audio related to crime and criminals.

Salient Features of Crime GPT:

· Staqu’s Crime GPT platform is integrated into a digitized database of 9,00,000 criminals

· The tool offers customized information on criminals based on specific prompts

· Features include facial recognition and speaker identification among others

· First of its own kind in generative AI where police can ask anything everything about crime and criminals


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