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24K Gold Plated iPhone SE Can Be Had At UK Pound Sterling 1597 ( INR 16,00,000 )

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If you have fetish for gold and do not mind spending a fortune on a smartphone then Goldgenie of UK can fulfill your desire to own a recently launched iPhone 4SE in hand crafted 24k gold, Rose Gold or a Platinum. To own this, you will have to shell out just UK Pound Sterling 1597. Yes, you have read it rightly, the price for this customised device would be Pound Sterling 1597, which work out to approximately INR 1,60,000 without custom duty.


Goldgenie pioneered the art of Gold-plating the first metallic iPhone and they know from experience that when a new iPhone launches, demand for their luxury customised 24k Gold versions can outstrip supply. The iPhone SE will be no exception with a limited number of 24k iPhone SE smartphones having been reserved for Goldgenie’s pre-ordering clientele.

The “SE” suffix has been described in two ways by Apple employees: as a “special edition” variation of the vintage 4-inch iPhone screen size and as an “enhanced” version of the iPhone 5s. The upcoming “SE” features a design similar to the 2013’s flagship but with upgraded internals, software, and hardware features that blend the old design with modern technologies from the past two iPhone upgrades.

The iPhone SE has following features:

  • 136×640?pixel 4?inch (diagonal) LED?backlit widescreen Multi?Touch display
  • The same 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.2 megapixel front camera systems from the iPhone 6
  • Support for larger panoramas and autofocus for video recording
  • Barometer for tracking elevation in the Health app
  • An NFC chip for Apple Pay
  • The A9 and M9 chips from the iPhone 6
  • Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE (Voice over LTE), and 802.11ac WiFi chips from the iPhone 6s
  • Live Photos from the iPhone 6s and 4K video recording (3840×2160) at 30 fps

If interested, please hurry to register your order as limited stock would be available. Goldgenie has started accepting pre-order for an early bird price from just £1597 for the iPhone SE in 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum from the 23nd March until 31st March 2016.

For details, please visit : www.goldgenie.com/gold-iphone-se.php


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