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LG 4K OLED TV Provide Complete Cinematic Viewing Experience

South Korean giant LG Electronics is known for industry first devices – be it elecronic goods or smart devices. True to its name and innovative character, LG has introduced OLED technology and changed the television viewing completely.

Televisions are not merely a family television anymore with capabilities to be connected with smartphones and other network devices instantly.With the advent of streaming devices such as Netflix and Hulu, television has got new dimension and LG’s OLED TV will be ideal solution for new age technology. OLED is the major contender which will replace the once so called high definition televisions which represented the pinnacle of display technology with the 4K ultra high definition technology TVs.

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LG has initiated groundbreaking innovation and this has led to the emergence of OLED technology driven televisions. LG 4K OLED TV provide the ultimate complete cinematic viewing experience. According to LG, ”unlike in the LED TV, each light-producing pixel of the 4K OLED TV is designed to be independently controlled because of which they react directly to electrical signals leading to 1000 times faster response speed than the normal LED TV”.

Though in its initial phases OLED was not readily accepted by the consumers due to the high price tag, but the high R&D involved has finally reduced the price for the first time and it is expected, according to LG, that in the foreseeable future improved versions of the OLED technology would be available at an affordable price.

LG’s OLED TV has ultra-sleek design, crystal black cover design and the blade screen of LG’s 4K OLED TV makes it a perfect choice for consumers living even in smart apartments where less space is an issue. The absence of lighting back-panels in OLED displays makes them thinner and more power-efficient than LCDs. The screen of LG OLED is slightly curved, which reduces visual geometric distortion by 50 percent at a typical 8 foot (2.4 meter) viewing distance. Further, the curvature improves viewing from the sides away and gives better viewing experience than with a flat screen.


LG OLED TV features 33 million color sub-pixels and self-lighting pixels, for the most lifelike colors. The 4 color pixel technology in 4K OLED TV enhances both color range and accuracy and the stunning picture quality of OLED allows the user to experience the perfect home theatre system. Its blur-free clarity during even the fast moving scenes on screen action sets it completely apart. Users can also enjoy Cinema in 3D along with OLED picture quality.

LG’s 4K OLED TV has in-built smart interface feature called the WebOS which makes the navigation simpler and allows for an intuitive operability. The Web OS based smart TV enable user to enjoy movies, play games or socialize. This TV can be connected with the smartphones within the same Wi-Fi range making the smartphone act as a remote for their TV. This TV has Magic remote feature which acts as a computer mouse for the Smart TV. This remote plays the role of a universal remote with simple point and click feature and even supports voice recognition.


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