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5 Best Free Games For Android Smartphones

Android is an excellent operating system for mobile devices. This operating system is dominating the mobile market. This OS comes with outstanding applications and features. In games sectors Android has been the best. Playing games on Android operating system gives the thrilling experience. You feel like playing more games using this operating system because of its display and touch vibrant.

Even normal person can turn to a game lover, because it has developed some exciting games. Here we are explaining you some best games for Android mobile devices.

Fruit Ninja

This is a funny game to play. You should use the sword to cut all the fruits. On the screen you can see the fruits bouncing. At the same time you should control the reflexes on your mobile screen. If your expert at suppression you enjoy playing Fruit Ninja. You can play this game on 3 modes. The 3 modes are new arcade, Zen and Classic. To score more in the game use bomb slashes and combos. Everyone can really enjoy playing this game.

Raging thunder

This is a 3-dimensional game. This game is an action game and has exciting levels. You need to protect your car from enemies, which would be really challenging for us to drive the car. This game can be accessed in two modes one is single mode and the other one is multi player mode. Use different power modes and tricks to beat enemies. You can experience the graphics when driving the car. You can upgrade this game by challenging the racers. This is game available in free and pay version. In pay-version we can find outstanding features.

Temple Run

This game has created a sensation in Android mobile devices. The player has to run, to save his life. The gamer has to steal the idol from temple and has to escape from monkeys. This game has the background of temple walls. In instructions of the game you can see steps to grab powers, collect coins, and escape from demons. To find the new characters of the game you should unlock the steps. Till the end, you need to run.

Zombie’s v/s plants

This is completely different game, this game includes monsters and plants which are called Zombie’s. Zombies create hallow in the garden by using cherry bombs, nut volcanoes and peashooters. This creates a curiosity to the gamers. It is easy to manage initial levels but you find difficulties when you cross next levels in games.

Amazing Alex

This game was developed by Rovio entertainment. This company has developed many popular games in Android. This game is really interesting. We completely get involved when playing the game. To finish the initial stages gamers has to use various techniques. This game is bit complicated to play and has an outstanding graphics. Gamers have to finish 100 levels to end the game.

Android offers pay version games. You can easily download them from Android market and enjoy them. They are fun and easy.


This article has been written by Michelle. She is a tech writer from Manchester, UK. Her passion is writing articles on numerous topics, for example Technology, finance, health, Payday Loans and some other topics.



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