5 Points To Keep In Mind To Get Maximum Re-Sale Value For Your Old Mobile


Almost every month new and better mobile phone model’s are launched with improved performance, more features and at a lesser price. And us, living in this highly connected world tend to trade our old mobile phone with new one’s, discharging the old mobile phone’s without even giving a thought about the money value of old mobile phone. Yes, you read it right, your old mobile phone can fetch you a considerable amount of money for old phones provided you take into consideration the below mentioned points:

  1. Basic Functions – Before even thinking of selling your old mobile phone, make sure the basic functions of calling, texting, connecting with Internet, 3G, A-GPS, etc are being performed by the phone without any glitch. Though these issues don’t arise in phone’s running java but smart-phone’s tend to create such problems if not take care of. In case the mobile you plan to sell had any such problems then do a software update and/or hard reset it.
  2. Sales Bill – At the time of buying your mobile phone, make sure you ask the dealer for a printed bill. Possession of a bill allows you to take warranty without any hassle. And also, in case if you are selling your mobile phone during warranty period then a bill increases the value of your mobile.
  3. Packaged Contents (Accessories) – Almost all the mobile phone’s come with basic accessories like Charger, Software CD, Headset, Manual, etc. Keeping all of them intact certainly adds to the value your old mobile phone can get especially when the model you plan to sell has been discontinued. So, try and keep all the contents as it is, it’ll help you in future to get a good price of your mobile phone!
  4. Mobile Screen Condition – This can also be included in physical condition of handset. The condition of your old Mobile phone’s screen is the most factor which determines the basic price you will get in return for it. Although, no one intentionally tries to damage the screen but still you can take precautions by laminating it, using screen protector, carrying mobile in a leather case, etc.
  5. Physical Condition – Other than the screen, condition of other things like keypad (in case of non touch phone’s), loud speaker, camera lens, Outer body, etc are also important. A mobile phone with scratches all over its back panel, keypad with partially visible letters, camera with broken lens will obviously result in a difficulty to look out for potential buyers and a good money from it.



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