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5 Tips For Buying a Car Battery

Does your car battery need replacement? You need to make sure that you get a good one as that can save you during times of an emergency. A good battery will have a reserve capacity, which will greatly help when in tough situations such as when you leave the car lights on and the battery is drained.

Check out the tips below to help you get the best battery for your car:

1. Make sure that you maintain your battery properly – you don’t have to be an expert when it comes to cars, but you do need to be proactive when it comes to your car maintenance. Pay attention to your car’s battery so that you will know when it is time to replace them. If you want, you can have your batteries tested annually by a mechanic to see the battery load, this is especially true if your car is at least two years old and you live in a country with a warm climate.

2. Make sure it’s the right battery size – if you are not that knowledgeable with cars, make sure that when you go to the shop, you will have the exact battery size for the type that you will buy. There’s no standard size for all types of vehicle as they are divided into group sizes and there will be differences in height, width, and length. You can check out the user’s manual included with the car when you bought it. But if you bought the car secondhand and you no longer have the manual, you can search online and look for comparisons with other cars.

3. Look for a fresh battery – don’t be fooled by the label brand new or never been used. Even if not used, a battery may lose strength. So even if it was just in storage, you may not be getting what you paid for. Most experts would say that you should buy a battery that has been manufactured less than six months so that you can be sure that the strength is ideal. You may research on how they are labeled as some use letters and numbers to indicate the day it was manufactured while others just use a numeric date.

4. Pick between low maintenance or maintenance-free battery – if you want to spend less time worrying about whether you need to add water to the battery, better get the maintenance-free type. This type is more the standard now, compared to the low maintenance type which still needs distilled water added. With the maintenance-free type, the liquid electrolyte can run throughout all the battery life without needing any maintenance at all.

5. Always consider the warranty of the battery you will purchase – make sure that you get a battery that will have a long warranty, especially for the free replacement. There are actually companies that offer warranty for the whole duration of the battery life, which can run for three years above. That is because many of them have full confidence in their products so they offer a long warranty. You can Get the Best Car Battery Replacement in Singapore or any other place if you just do proper research so you can make the best choice.


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