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6 Things To Consider While Buying Touch Screen Phone

Touch screen technology is fast becoming the must have feature on mobile phone these days. With the introduction of Apple iphone, the touch Screen phones have become more popular. Earlier touch screen phones were manufactured for enterprise segment. But now a days, handset manufacturers are focusing on making touch screen phones available to lower segment too. In order to do so the mobile phone manufacturers are compromising the quality of touch with cost. So, if you are planning to buy a new touch enabled phone then do consider the points given below so that you make the right selection and buy the best touch phone suiting your needs :

1. Display Size

The first thing you should consider while buying a touch screen phone is its display. Each and every function carried is done by either tapping finger or by using stylus against the display, so the bigger the screen – more space you will get for typing. And more the space – more the comfort level. Although, there is no such conventional screen size but phones having a display greater than or equal to 2.8 inch are recommended. But, there is a negative aspect of larger display too, bigger the display – bulkier the handset will become. So look out for one, which is a perfect combination of both and suits you the most.

2. User Interface

A touchscreen phone’s interface is also very important. Some touch phone’s feature tiny on-screen icons and aren’t really designed for using your fingers, they require use of stylus. So, if you don’t like the idea of having to use a stylus, then try those which allow use of finger tapping. There are pros and cons of each type. Usage of finger tapping requires a large screen which means the screen will be prone to fingerprint marks. While in phones with stylus, the keys on the on-screen keyboard are small and not at all finger friendly. Both the interfaces have their highs and low so select the one you are comfortable using.

3. Handwriting Recognition

One of the most popular features amongst touch screen phones is the hand writing recognition. As using an on screen keypad consumes a lot of time, this feature comes handy in writing notes. But it might not be as convenient as it sounds. In certain phones you can write anywhere on the screen whereas in a few selected area for handwriting is marked out. The feature of handwriting recognition is not present in all the touch phones so do a preemptive check to make sure the feature is present. This being said, i personally feel that handwriting is more of a luxury than a necessity and in my opinion, a phone without this feature will be better.

4. Screen sensitivity

Yet another important thing to watch out for when buying a touch screen phone is how responsive it is to your gentle tapping (or responsive to stylus touch). Response time and the touch sensitivity are some other points to be considered. When you tap the screen, you want it to react accordingly and if it doesn’t, then don’t even consider buying it. You wouldn’t want to invest in a phone that opens the browser 5 seconds after tapping the browser icon.

5. Software

If you are keen about uploading third party apps then do consider the operating system the phone is running. If you are a application freak and are crazy about trying out new applications as soon as they lunch then select a touch phone that runs on a widely used operating system.

6. Battery

Last but definitely not least, watch out for battery life. Having a large screen is a real battery drainer, so find out how long the battery lasts. Touch screen drains battery very fast. So battery life is a very important factor while you opt for a touch screen phone. Make sure that the battery lasts long enough.


  1. I am not sure about Handwriting Recognition and Software, but as far as other points are concerned, yes people do look. And if they dont then i believe they should 🙂


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