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3 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Email Enabled Mobile

With each passing day new mobile phones are being launched loaded with features which we didn’t even dream of some years ago. In my previous posts i discussed some of such features like, GPS, music playing ability, etc. In this post, however, am going to share with you one of the most important feature that almost every user these days looks for i.e email.

Email has become a necessity for almost everyone. Every individual likes to check email on the go. With the advent of smart-phones, the concept of email on the go has become more common. Now a days, even though all the smart phones have the ability to check email but very few come with dedicated email clients (which are necessary to the best experience).

In this post i am going to discuss some basic features that should be there in a in-built (dedicated) email client of a smartphone, which would provide a satisfactory email’ing experience.

  1. Readability – There are very high chances that your emails are hard to read. Many manufacturer’s (specially those who provide cheap phones with whole lot of features) don’t really pay attention to the mobile rendering experience. Any phone that does not provide a good read can really succeed and be popular amongst buyer’s. I am not saying that they do not render, but they either are hard to read or they do not lead to mobile friendly sites. The reason for this maybe lack of screen space or a badly coded email program.
  2. Email Rendering Information – What will happen if you don’t have the rendering information you need? You want be able to make changes since you really don’t have a lot of information to help you craft the settings. Although not all the users require the rendering information but most of them who are regular users and know the hooks and crooks to improve their emailing experience need to have access to this information. The lack of this many not be a defect in the phone itself but can be faulty email program. So make sure you buy a phone which does not restrict you in providing required information.
  3. Ability To Handel External Links – It is not just about the email. Well you knew that, right? The email is just the overall experience gateway. Email are received with links to sites and our purpose of using email is not solved just by reading the emails. Besides accessing the emails, the (email) client should also be able the handle external links well. By “handle”, i mean it should properly redirect the link to the native browser of the phone and/or ask the users regarding the same.
  4. Other Features – Besides satisfying all the points stated above, the best email phone should also have other required features too. Some of them are listed in my previous posts:

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