In Part Two of this series of articles highlighting inputs from JustFly we take a look at must have accessories for vacation. Previous discussions were on Travel Apps, and Social Apps For Travelling.

As the technology we use everyday improves so do the accessories we bring with us on vacation. With the integration of bluetooth, alternative power, and other advances, things like luggage, chargers, and other accessories have become not just traditional vacation items, but game changing items that can truly benefit any traveler. I have had a series of discussions on number of topics (previous being Top Four Travel Apps) with the good guys at JustFly. This time around, I am sharing a list of some of the coolest new travel accessories out based on input from JustFly. An online travel company, JustFly based their choices on feedback from customers who swear by their gear.

Bluesmart Luggage


A fan favorite according to JustFly’s review, the Bluesmart suitcase has features that make it so much more than just a bag. First things first, the bag features bluetooth connectivity. What does this mean? It means you can track your bag at all times, helping you stay at ease as you make your way through the airport. Additionally you can set up proximity alerts in case you are nervous about theft. Lastly, you can lock the bag remotely and the bag features an internal battery which allows you to charge accessories on the go.



A charger that looks quite a bit like an iPad at first glance according to JustFly, the Solartab is a portable and powerful solar charger that allows you to charge your devices using the power of the sun. Perfect for those who are in remote locations or places with suspect power infrastructure, the Solartab can be a lifesaver for photographers or those looking to work remotely.

LifeSaver Water Bottle

The name says it all. The LifeSaver Water Bottle allows you to filter water at any time. Perfect for adventure travelers, this bottle, and its filters, are built to last. Designed for use in third world countries, the bottle is rugged, extremely easy to use, and is guaranteed to turn questionable water into clean, safe, H2O.


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