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UCWeb Launches UC News App & Upgraded UC Browser

UCWeb has today announced the launch of UC News app exclusively for India and upgraded Browser.The revamped UC Browser also features UC Cricket, an in-app, all–in-one cricket content hub. The cricket features have been added keeping in view of craze of Indians for the game of cricket.


UC News is a platform that brings together both traditional and new media content creators in a single place, and introduces them to millions of Indian users who already enjoy a faster browsing experience on UC Bowser. UC News has very simple interface and an easy to use app. This app has curated news content covering all the popular categories of news with 20+ featured channels including news, cricket, technology, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, health, humour, etc.


UC News tracks and matches the trending keywords on Facebook and Twitter, and decides on the trending topics before recommending them to the user. UC News also allows users to customize content subscription, as they can choose any kind of content they wish to consume.

UC News is planning to partner with self-publishers and key opinion leaders in the future for original content.

This news app has been created on the basis of feedback that UC Browser’s usage data shows 73% of its 80 million MAU are tagged as “News Feeds Consumers”. On an average, each UC Browser’s Indian user consumes 6 pieces of news/feeds per day.

UCWeb is part of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, and in India it has grown on the strength of its technology and innovation. Curently, it has 80 million monthly active users in India as claimed by the company. The data compression algorithms of UC Browser have helped millions of Indians gain access to the internet at faster speeds without premium pricing, thereby making UC Browser a window to the world for many first time mobile phone users.

Commenting on the launch, Kenny Ye, General Manager of UCWeb, Alibaba Mobile Business Group said, “Digital content consumption is on the rise and the challenge is how we can customize, curate and present diverse content to users. Content providers face difficulties in distributing content of different formats, while consumers are swamped by an information overload. Our answer to these challenges is to position ourselves as a content aggregator. The newly launched UC News and upgraded UC Browser for India are two contemporary products embedded with the aim of content aggregation.”


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