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Activate Front Camera In Your Samsung 3G phone

Hey friends i own a Samsung Star 3G phone and i am quite satisfied with its touch interface, i mean what better can you get for a sum of INR.11000. Today i was searching for the front camera control and wasn’t able to find it, so i turned towards the internet and to my amazement i found a way to activate it.
samsung-star-s5230-preston-s5600-touchwiz-cellphones Apart from the front camera you will also be able to use your phone as a torch light with the cam LED, LCD colour change, etc. Here is the code just type *#0*# and you will find a new menu. Here are the functions of the menu
Remember the code, its *#0*#
1 — LCD colour to Red
2 — LCD Colour to Green
3 — LCD Colour to Blue
4 — Melody RCV
5 — Vibration
6 — Dimming (dims urphone as its switchd offf)
7 — Mega Cam (the back mega pixel cam gets on)
8 — VGA Cam (this is the key wich activates front cam
9 — Touch test
* — Cam LEd (u can use ur phone as a torch with this fuction, ur led light gets activated)
0 — Sleepmode
# — Melody Spk

P.S:-These codes work perfect for me and i hope they work for you too. Please share with us your experience and any other working codes if you have.


  1. Aww i couldn’t get the front camera to take picture from the samsung corby pro. Though i found the vga cam n pressed the camera button. The screen paused when i did that, but when i look through all my files, i can’t find the image (it’s not saved). I want to take picture with the front cam too. What can i do?

  2. There are unofficial kernel’s available which allow you to take pictures from front camera. Unfortunately, I don’t have a device to test them.

  3. When we activate front camera from *#0*# .the front camera simply get on .by touching anywhere On skreen or clicking the camera button the image stop like it is caputers but it actually turn of the front camera and image is not stored anywhere but i think if the samsung 3g mobiles are giving front camera then there should be any by we can save images from front camera .ME TOO HAVE A SAMSUNG 3G PHONE ….. Please if u got the way please tell me

  4. Front camera(vga camera ) doesnot take picture. it just on for a while (for testing ) !?! plese tell me to capture a photo from it ??

  5. Shivank to take the picture follow the following procedure

    To take a photo
    type the following i


    a menu will appear
    and select vt camera option and press the camera button, you don’t get any sound but the images will get saved in image folder.

    Enjoy frnd… 😉

  6. hai thanks for the info ..it worked for my champ 3.5g but i cant take pictures through it

    so i fad another key to capture pics through front cam

    just dial *#7353# remeber this code
    it worked for me

  7. Hi! I’ve read everything about the cam.. and it’s true, you can watch your image through the VGA cam… BUT you can’t actually take pics… using *#0*# , you can only see your image.. no more! it’s a “prove mode”… My question is: I want to use this frontal cam in Skype or any Voip service…. I’d love to have a videocall.. but I need to know how active this function.

  8. hola amigo, soy de Lima PERU, tengo un samsumg GT S5620 ¿como puedo usar la camara frontal? no lo encuentro hasta ahora, y dime puedo usar el ggoogle maps con conecccion satelital osea pa k no me cobresm, si me respondes a mi mail seria genia, gracias en seriox tu ayudaa….

  9. Not yet my friend. However, you can look for the stored images by using any file explorer for your mobile phone and do an extensive search. Only way to find out IMO.

  10. Hello, I found your blog very useful, however have you found out how to access any photos taken with the front camera? BTW I have Samsung Preston Icon, and will using the *#0*# cause any difficulties in the phone software etc.? Thanks.

  11. m using samsung s 5350 front camera using by *#0*#, able to click pictures also used dedicated key but unable to find where it is stored

  12. I haven’t been able to figure that out however I will suggest you to use a file explorer for your samsung and browse each and every folder (including the hidden files/folders). You will find the storing locations!! Let me know if you find any 🙂

  13. Hey Paritosh….Front Cam is working for Samsung 3G…Great Job buddy…Btw have you been able to figure out where the pics taken from front cam will be stored ?

  14. I am still looking for the folder where the images (taken by front camera) are stored. I will write a post as soon as i have any information on the same 🙂

  15. Hey!
    just tried that thing but you cant actually take a picture(or if u can where is the pic?) but i would like to take pictures with the front camera! (Samsung S5620 Monte!) HELP PLEASE!

  16. First of all my name is Paritosh… And as far as the best option amongst the phones mentioned by you, i would suggest Corby Pro. The keyboard doesn’t just come off (though if you are careless and drop it then thats different. Moreover, since both are touch screen you cant afford to drop these phones). And my reasons for suggesting corby are, keyboard and landscape mode. BTW nokia 5230 and 5800 are better phones.

  17. Parotosh,

    Thanks for this post. I have a question – Can you suggest me which is the best phone between Samsung Monte and Samsung Corby Pro? They both seem the same to me except for the QWERTY keyboard in Corby Pro. I really like the QWERTY keyboard but my friends are telling me if the keyboard is broken then the phone is waste! Is it so? Is the Corby Pro QWERTY keyboard very fragile that it will break very soon or come off of the phone? Please suggest me between Monte and Corby Pro, please? I will conclude based on your reply. I am getting the phone tomorrow.

  18. ok, i can see the menu and see my image on the lcd visor, but a can’t take photos with the frontal camera.

    is it right?

  19. Always a pleasure to help. By the way, in case you are facing any other difficulty while using any handset, dont hesitate to ask me 🙂

  20. man u’re awsome. great help for ppl like me. but some models such as S5233 can switch the camera to forth and back and easily take a picture. but mine is not that type. recently i purchased S5620 Monte but didnt find quite exciting. and u helped me a lot abt the front camera. Thanks

  21. Bro,there is no GPS option in phone settings menu…How can I get the GPS option….??mine one is from orange,UK…plz let me know

  22. Problem resolved, they changed it for another. This time the frontal camera did work, but I couldn´t connect it to PC studio anymore due to “Data Interface” drivers problems :o( Tried everything but couldn´t solve the problem. Even tried PC Studio for GT-S8000, same problem… On one website I read you had to scan the driver directories for the PID of the data interface (inside the .inf files), to make sure Windows installs the correct drivers, but mine (PID_6000) couldn´t be found… I like the phone very much for it´s features, but these connection problems seem to be common and due to these, I wouldn´t recommend this phone to anyone. For me it´s been only headhaches 🙁

  23. See flashing your phone will void the warranty too so if your phone is still in warranty then i would suggest you to contact Samsung and get this problem resolved.

  24. Tried what you suggested, Paritosh, but doesn´t work. I suppose I would need to do a full reset or perhaps even update the firmware. Updating the firmware is a problem here in Argentina, because my model is a S5600L, L means for latin america only, which mean flashing it with a european firmware will make me loose the signal…

  25. As you said, the screen becomes dark when you place thumb on your camera so i believe it isnt broken. A possible remedy to this problem could be to switch off your phone and take out the battery for a while (say 30 seconds), then putting it back and restarting your phone.

  26. Is my front camera broken??? When I access it through *#0*#, I see a small area with a scrambled picture. Obviously it´s my front camera because when I cover the camera with my thumb, it goes all dark.

    But the image is all garbled!!! :o( does this mean the front camera is broken? Do I have to ask for a replacement?

    Useful article! Thanks!

  27. Actually shrithi their is no solution for that since it is a known bug in the mobile device so you can do nothing but wait for a software update.

  28. Yo man! Cool tip. Worked on Samsung Omnia HD i8910.


    .-= Ashish´s last blog ..AshishM2: Luks like will have to take help of Cyber Crime Cell. Got some useful info that they can use. This would be the 4th CCC matter in 2 yrs. =-.


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