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After Asus & Acer, Samsung Also Announces One Device On Windows 8 Platform In Computex

Eagerly awaited new Windows 8 operating system is dominating Computex 2012 IT fair in Taiwan. After Asus and Acer, it was the turn of Samsung to unveil notebook and tablet computers running on Windows 8, on the opening day of the fair in Taipei. Samsung showcased the products, including the Series 5 Hybrid which has features of both a laptop and a tablet, in a low-key display.

“Visitors should be able to see the tight partnership between Samsung and Microsoft and Intel”, said a spokeswoman for Samsung in Taiwan.

It appears Windows and Intel have taken center stage in Computex. Windows 8 is touted as Microsoft’s long-awaited riposte to the rise of Apple and mobile devices powered by Google’s Android operating system. There is no official release date but reports have predicted an October launch.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer says that Windows 8 will support a wider range of devices including touch- and stylus-based smartphones and tablet PCs, as well as desktops and laptops.

According to a Taiwan based website, Windows 8 will be well suited for use on tablet devices, a sector in which the fragmented Android system has struggled, particularly due to a lack of dedicated apps. Windows 8 will make it much easier for developers to run Windows apps on tablets.  The ideal result for Microsoft would therefore be an almost instant mobile ecosystem derived from Windows’ massive user and developer base.

Windows 8 tablets have a good chance of going head to head with Apple and seizing a significant share of the mid-range and high-end tablet markets, while Android will continue to dominate smartphone market and the mid-end tablet market.


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