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After Smartphone, It Is Turn Of SmartCar – What Next?

The way  technology is advancing, no body knows what will be the next invention or new product to hit the market. We have smart-phones with lots of applications, smart tv, tablets, designer smartphones for wealthy creatures and now smartphone on four wheels.

Japanese carmaker – Toyota Motor Corporation, unveiled a futuristic concept car Fun Vii at a pre-Tokyo Motor show reception. The car works like a personal computer and allows drivers to connect with dealers and others with a tap of a touch-panel door. The whole body of the concept car be used as a display space, with the body colour and display content changeable at will, and allows the vehicle to function as a terminal for displaying messages or other information, Toyota company said.

Toyota Motor Corporation‘s president, Akio Toyoda has described the experimental Fun-Vii car as “a smartphone on four wheels”. This vehicle is designed for short trips running 105 kilometers on one full tank.

After smart car, what next smart device do you expect?  In Indian context, we require lot of smart devices. To start with, there should be some smart device to detect the corruption rampant in our system. Whenever, there is wrong doing committed by any person especially by our political class, the device should send signals to the base computer and the person/persons responsible for the same should be summarily penalised.

Hope that day will come soon otherwise there is no scope of  elimination of corruption in India. Smartmove required by some smartperson to invent such a device….!!

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