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After Smartphone, SmartCar, It Is SmartWatch Phone – Wait For Next Smart Device!

Yesterday, we have blogged about smartcar, which has been unveiled by Toyota Motor Corp. in Japan, on experimental basis. We were wondering what would be next smart device to be invented. Our wait has ended very shortly after the launch of touch screen i’mWatch – weighing just 70 g, it is round the corner and will be available commercially in 2012. The company has already taken 5000 pre-orders.

i’mWatch is not heavy piece to wear on your wrist and at  70g, it’s perfectly wearable without having to shred your cuffs. It also offers smartphone functions such as Twitter and Facebook, email and texting. i’mWatch has a special App store built for applications that might work on a 1.5″ inch LCD screen and 4 GB memory chip built in, so you’ll at least have plenty of space to store them.

Strangely, much of the i’mWatch‘s app software seems to be targeted at controlling smart appliances in the home. Standard smartphone functions such as email and weather reports will be built in – although the makers look forward excitedly to a future where the gizmo will control kitchen appliances.

This device will be available for UK Sterling 234 and jeweled version for £10,286.

This smartwatch phone is a gizmo of future and whether James Bond will continue with his Omega watch or shift to this smartwatch phone in his forthcoming movie – Skyfall – will be interesting to watch 😉 Interesting devices are round the corner and you dream and there comes your object of desire!!


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