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Airtel Broadband Launches Impatient Plans

Airtel has been consistently making news with regard to its cheap broadband connection’s. From the introduction of Fair Usage Policy to doubling the speeds of existing customers. Though, their recent move of doubling the broadband speeds has been a smart corporate move. However, it is just a misuse of the word “unlimited”.

This time too, they have done something similar. Airtel has launched new high speed plans for the impatient people (thus know as “impatience plans“) wanting to surf at high speeds with low cost. All of the 4 plans offer a speed of 4 mbps with varied transfer caps and are available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. Along with fast surfing speed, they are also offering lots of free goodies (refer 2nd image) with the different plans. The minimum plan, offering 4 mbps speed is being offered at Rs. 899.

Looks exciting? Well, not actually. There is a catch here. As i mentioned above, all the plans are subject to transfer caps. Meaning, after you consume the allowed transfer limit then the broadband speed will be reduced to 256 kbps (on which there is on data transfer limit). For eg. You opt in for the impatience 899 plan. Now the maximum allowed data transfer limit for this plan at 4 mbps speed is 6gb. As soon as you use up this limit, the broadband speed will be reduced to 256 kbps. Moreover, as far as goodies are concerned, there is not much for the the basic 899 plan (only free calling value of Rs. 250 plus Rs. 250 worth website builder – Not even used by a fraction of its users).

My Verdict: Airtel has smartly launched ‘high’ speed plans ensuring no one misuse’s such high speeds. Though the offering is great, i believe heavy downloaders (like me) should avoid this plan and instead go for those that do offer unlimited data usage in real terms. For other moderate users, i suggest, go for the 899 plan as it will help you perform daily tasks at lightening fast speeds.


  1. Kanpur mein 3g & broadband available hai ya nahi. maine Customer care main call kiya tha?
    magar unke dwara sahi comment nahi mila. pls help me. main Rs399 ka plan chala raha hoon. mujhe speed bahut slow provide ho rahi hai.

  2. Availability of plans differs from region to region. You can visit Airtel’s
    portal and get details of all the plans available for your state/region.

  3. Hey, I was just wondering what is a good unlimited plan? Right now I have 2999 2Mbps Unlimited….well technically its a 100GB….are there any better plans?!?

  4. impatience is right. they took my money 2 weeks ago and still didnt give me a connection. airtel sucks dont subscribe.

  5. Everyone needs speed. Once you get addicted to downloading or watching videos on youtube you will certainly feel the need for speed…. :p


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