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Pros And Cons of Mobile QWERTY Keyboard Layouts

Cell phones with QWERTY keyboards are mobile phones which come with keypads that mimic keyboards used with computers. They are called QWERTY keyboards because of their resemblance with full fledged keyboards (top row of keys spells QWERTY). Cell phones with QWERTY keyboard have become much more popular in recent years. The reason for their success is the simple truth that they provide the user with the same experience as of sitting in front of a computer keyboard. Moreover they are very easy to get accompanied with and increase the typing speed. Phones with QWERTY keyboards or the QWERTY mobile phones are specially helpful to business users as they make the email’ing experience an absolute breeze.

Earlier users didn’t have much choice when it came to choosing ‘styles’ of QWERTY keyboards. But these days each and every manufacturer is coming out with unique QWERTY style. Generally speaking, there are three different styles of QWERTY cell phones available in the market. Each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this post, i will be discussing each of these 3 types and highlighting some of their most important features :

PDA Bar Style Keyboards

PDA styled phones are generally used. They are very popular amongst business users for the simple reason that they are less complicated.


  • Have any moving parts i.e no slide, flip, swivel or twist thus allowing them to be more sturdy.
  • Large color display which is really comforting factor for those who are stuck to their mobile for a large part of their time.
  • Provide full QWERTY keyboard allowing its user easy access to the keys.
  • Generally less expensive as compared to those which provide slide, flip, etc.


  • The dimensions of such a phone aren’t very attractive i.e they are on the bulky side. Reason being, these phones have to accommodate the screen and the keyboard on a single surface.
  • Congested keys on the QWERTY keyboard.

Flip Style Keyboards

Flip style phones are very popular amongst younger users because it gives the utility of a conventional candy-bar phone when in its closed position. They open up like a book with the left-aligned hinge and can be used much like a tiny laptop.


  • Very compact phones. They maintain a smaller form factor and are much more pocketable than bar style phones.
  • Features large QWERTY keyboards.


  • Flip styled phones are very thick.
  • Internal color display may be significantly smaller than bar style phones.
  • Very delicate and require high degree of care.
  • Congested keys on the QWERTY keyboard.

Slide Out Keyboards

The third main style of QWERTY cell phone is a slide out type keyboard. These type of keyboards are becoming more and more popular with every passing day.


  • Large color display.
  • Slightly smaller in dimension as compared to flip style and bar style phones.
  • Extra amount of space between keys.


  • Though a majority of slide out keyboards are compact however, sliding handsets can be on the thicker side.

Other Type of Keyboards

The above mentioned 3 styles are the ones you’ll find most commonly, but there are other alternatives also. For example there is the swivel/rotate mechanism used by Motorola in some of its handsets; Touchscreen keyboard as found in Apple iPhone.

The points advantages/Disadvantages mentioned above include points that i, personally, think may or may mot be advantageous. So, feel free to suggest your view point on different styles.


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