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Airtel Doubles Broadband Speed

Broadband service provider Airtel has recently upgraded the speed of selected customer’s. Though there is no official word from Airtel regrading this move but it is evident from the experience of various customers in New Delhi.

I (and Rahul, Co-Author) am a users of Airtel Broadband, currently using 256kbps unlimited plan in New Delhi. When Rahul first discussed the increase in speed, i first thought that it might have been due to some server maintenance but later on i noticed the increased speed on my connection too. I tried to confirm this by googling but found nothing, then i decided the call their Customer Care (Dial 121 from your airtel landline – New Delhi). The representative confirmed that the boradband speed of FEW selected customers has been DOUBLED at NO EXTRA Cost !


That means, i was earlier surfing internet with 256kbps speed and downloading data at 30KBps but now with the speed being doubled, i will from now on be able to surf internet at 512kbps and download data at 60KBps. When i asked for an official confirmation regarding this matter, he replied by saying there is none yet. Upon asking, whether its for limited time, i was happy to know that they have doubled the speeds for life time (or at-least till the time you have it).

This move by Airtel is certainly very very good considering the prices they had for 512kbps. As i said above, that there is no official confirmation but i believe this has something to do with recent price slash by MTNL.


  • Since i reside in New Delhi, i can only comment of speed increase in my state only. Airtel must be having a seperate policy for each and every state, its not necessary that every broadband connection in India will get doubled speeds. So, please call customer care and check for yourself.
  • You can test your downloading and uploading speed using Aritel’s speed checker.

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  1. Chandigarh got the speed upgrade now lol..That’s why i bumped into ur post. Mine’s 1Mbps Now!

  2. You must be using Airtel Broadband for a long time and that’s why you were having 128kbps plan. Anyways, good to know your speed increasing by almost 4 times! BTW, the maximum download speed for a movie comes at 65kbps…

  3. hey…..me from bhopal MP my airtel broadband speed increased from 128 kbps to 512 kbps….from about 1 june …..at no extra cost ….and unlimited downloading
    airtel upgraded my plan of existing 499 /month…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoying high speed surfing ….downloading speed ….about 75 kbps…..one movie in 3 hours……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks ….airtel

  4. hi guys

    I am from chennai and my speed has been upgraded to 512 kbps from 256 kbps. No extra charge. Got confirmation from airtel customer support. Thanks airtel. But i guess its only for few customers( not sure).but will confirm it in a future post.

  5. What you are talking about is an offer in which Airtel is giving free one year broadband connection to its Digital Tv users. This, however is different.

  6. There are very few service providers that actually deliver promised speeds. So its good to check the upload and download rate once in a while.

  7. The Speed Test was good

    I surf the internet using the Beam Cable Mode in Hyderabad
    The ISP has promised me speeds upto 2MPBS
    But now only I found out that there can be different speeds for Upload and Download!!


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