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Airtel Free Speed On Demand Offer – Enjoy Free Speed Upto 2Mbps For 5 Months

Airtel recently launched a special scheme for its Broadband subscriber’s in which they are offering FREE Speed On Demand (upto 2Mbps) worth Rs. 1125. This scheme is valid till 15th August, 2010 i.e till 15th August Airtel Broadband users can get themselves registered for this scheme. After registration, the Free Speed On Demand will be activated after 7 days (as mentioned by Airtel).

Now “The Catch”

Well, if you thought Airtel was generous enough to give you free Speed On Demand (S.O.D) just like that, then, my friend you are wrong. This thing comes with some catch:

  • Free SOD of Rs. 1125 has been divided into Rs. 225 per month spread over 5 months (From the month of activation) which essentially means that if you use 2Mbps then only 3 hours per month of 2Mbps SOD can be enjoyed (Refer following table).
  • Fair Usage Policy (i.e maximum allowed data transfer cap) for this limited time upgrade hasn’t been clearly mentioned by Airtel (In case, if there is any then i hope it’s more than 5GB).
  • Pulse rate is also not mentioned clearly on the registration page (What’s the point, if Airtel charges per hour basis?)

How To Register For Free Speed On Demand

To activate this offer for your Airtel Braodband connection, follow the steps given below:

  1. This offer is applicable ONLY for Airtel Broadband subscribers, so make sure you are one!
  2. Visit the Free Speed Offer page and fill in the “Register Now” fields.
  3. After you have submitted the form, this scheme will be activated on your Airtel Broadband connection after 7 days.

NOTE: You don’t have to pay anything for this scheme (FREE!) but, since you will not be notified of your SOD usage time (As told to me by Airtel representative), you will have to take care of your usage period. In case, if it does, then you will be charged for that EXTRA consumption over and above Rs. 225 per month in your bill. If you any related query then do comment here and i will try my best to answer it!


  1. Though i am not aware of the situation entirely but i believe, your area doesn’t have a strong Airtel Network. Write to Airtel Presence and you will for sure get some help.

  2. Airtel is one just BIG fraud… They always charge Rs.20 even when i want to activate Rs.10 pack.. And now, They’ve crossed the limit. I activated Rs.98 GPRS pack, it worked fine for 2-3 days but after that, till now, doesn’t work.. Even the symbol ‘E’ isn’t appearing.. I still have 1.7 GB left but all useless.. And it’s deactivation date is 22th July.. Really, airtel SUCKS..!


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