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Recharge Mobile, DTH, Pay Landline Bill, etc Using Rechargeguru

Have you ever tried Online Mobile Recharge, DTH & Digital Tv Online Recharge, Purchasing DTH Digital TV STB Box, Buying mobile Handset and Internet Device, Mobile/Landline Bill Payment, Gift Certificates, Online SMS/Web Based SMS, Electricity Bill Payment, Mobile Phones & Laptop Insurance, ITZ Cash Card/Oxigen Cash Card, etc ???

Most of you must have thought about it but never tried. People still prefer paying their expenses manually and the reason is lack of knowledge. In this post, i will be sharing a great site for doing the same online and saving a great deal of time and money. Rechargeguru, is one such website that allows to do online recharges/bill payments with just few clicks. Rechargeguru, as the name says, is the guru of all recharges. It has got the maximum telecoms recharge system and is the only one providing all recharges of all telecoms in India!

The reason why i like and use this site frequently for getting my Airtel Prepaid mobile recharged (Yes, i use Airtel!) is that it accepts paypal (A big factor for me) and ITZ cards and also, the friendly and quick customer service support. Though they are little bit strict to those making payments via paypal i.e require verified paypal account, do recharge once amount has been received by them but keeping in mind the amount of paypal frauds, its understandable for them to take such precautions. Recharging via Rechageguru is very easy. All you need to do is register an account with Rechageguru, select the service and check out!

Besides having a good customer service department, they also help you in choosing/enquiring about rechage options. Because the recharges are done manually, you can contact them (in case of paypal only after they get confirmation regarding the payment) to  alter your recharge options immediately after making payment (Not advisable though). Moreover, Rechargeguru contacts you in case the recharge fails for some reason and will ask/recommend alternatives. They refund the amount when recharge cannot be done altogether (very rare scenario).  All in all i believe, this website deserves a try from all those planning to do an online recharge.

In case you already using/have used the services of this website then do share your views with us.


  1. Right now everyone want to save their time and they have a doubt in their mind.

    How i can recharge my mobile online through PayPal?

    In that situation,Try it
    Recharge via PayPal is have an option to recharge your mobile phone online through PayPal.This is one of the best website for this Option.Currently it is working in India only.

    Online recharge mobile is new generation for all Internet seekers.

    100 % Voted.

  2. Dear Sir,
    We feel pleasure to tell you that we are making a software named RMS (Rural Management Services) especially designed for the villagers of India. In this software we are going to provide all types of services to the villagers such as mobile recharging, LIC premium payments, Electricity bill payment, other Insurance premium payments, online shopping of agricultural products. Besides this we are going to provide technical know how of cottage industries to the villagers. Villagers can deposit all types of their bills through this software. For the same we are deciding to incorporate your services to our software. If you agree with our concept of providing the services to the villagers. Please mail us your terms and conditions so that we can move towards next step. Approximately 1000 villages are going to come under the umbrella of this software and about 1 million people will be benefitted with this software in near future.
    In waiting of your reply

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