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Airtel Launches MyPlan Family For Pre-Paid Users

Airtel India’s largest telecom services provider, announced the launch of myPlan Family for its pre-paid subscribers for its mobile services. Under this plan, the customers can customize postpaid plans on the basis of their family’s usage preferences and requirements and share the benefits of the plan with 5 of their family members thus ensuring absolutely no wastage or overspend that are otherwise inherent in individual plans.

New-Airtel-LogoAirtel’s myPlan family combines the features of infinite flexibility offered by myPlan with the sharing feature to offer affordability, convenience and zero wastage.

According to Airtel, the customers can now customize and manage postpaid plans for their entire family in just 3 simple steps:

Choose a rental plan– Select one number as the primary number who will be the host for the myPlan. The primary account holder can pick a rental plan on the basis of their usage preference from a bouquet of 3 rental options.

Select myPacks – Each rental plan will offer pre-decided myPack units that a customer can select for a combination of one or more depending on the usage preferences.

Add family members – The primary account holder can add up to five add-on accounts (postpaid numbers) at a convenience fee of just Rs. 99/- per add-on account per month and start sharing the plan benefits with their family.

The 3 rental plan options costs Rs.799/-, Rs.999/- and Rs.1599/- and allow 35, 50 and 90 myPack units respectively. Customers can also top up their plan withmyBoosters to enjoy custom-made additional benefits. Customers can simply call 0-88000-88000 or log on to www.airtel.in/myplan or walk-in to any Airtel store across the country to activate Airtel myPlan Family with just a few clicks.


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