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Videocon Telecom Upgrade Its Network To 2.75G EDGE With Investment Of 130 Crores

Videocon Telecom has upgraded its network to 2.75G EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution), which is a 3G standard Technology. This 2.75 G EDGE Network is capable of delivering consistent speeds up to 473.6 Kbps which is almost 6 times the maximum speeds delivered by conventional 2G Network, as stated by the company in its press release.

Logo__1417577852_12602The company’s strategy to upgrade to 2.75G EDGE Network is based on the fact that very large audiences of approx 80% of Mobile internet users still have 2G handsets and can be catered to by an enhanced 2.75G EDGE Network. Further, the 3G telcos offer 3G Network only in select pockets, which deteriorate the customer experience while moving from 3G pocket to 2G network. With this upgrade to 2.75G EDGE network, the telco will be able to offer a seamless network and experience to the customers. And finally, the telco will have the USP of offering a 3G like experience to its customers at 2G rates, that too on their existing 2G handsets, without upgrading their handsets. The upgrade of the Network also fulfills the customer’s need of faster download speeds, adds the statement.

Accoding to the company, the network has already started to deliver promising results and within a week of commissioning of this enhanced 2.75G EDGE network, the telco has experienced a 51% growth in its daily data consumption, which is propelled by an increase in unique data users which has grown from 37% of its Revenue earning base to 40% and an increase in average usage per data user going up from 16 MB to 22 MB per day.

Videocon Telcom has also rolled out a full-fledged marketing campaign around it and had developed a very striking and prominent logo unit for 2.75G EDGE network and has branded it ‘pauney teen G” network to get customer attention. The telco plans to spend approx Rs 50 cr on marketing communication on this campaign in next few months.


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