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Airtel SmartDrive – Mobile Maps With Voice Navigation, Live Traffic

Bharti Airtel has launched Airtel SmartDrive, it’s own in-house mobile application for Android, Nokia, Blackberry, offering map navigation, voice navigation, live traffic information, all integrated under one roof.

Airtel SmartDrive is available for free of cost to Indian users of Bharti Airtel. Though there’s no app charge but you will have to bear the downloading charges. Also, the app requires working internet connection on your device in order to pull out live traffic information, perform navigation, do routing, etc.

One quick glance and you’ll know Airtel SmartDrive closely related to Google Maps except for it provides additional functionality of listing down POI’s which as of now isn’t available in Google Maps. Moreover, if you intend to use Voice Navigation feature or are interested in live traffic information then you will need to pay for the same.

Paid Content


  • Monthy Pack – Rs.49/month
  • Daily pack – Rs.3/day
  • Monthly Pack – Rs.99/month
  • Daily pack – Rs.10/day

I installed this app hoping that voice navigation would finally make way into my android device but the monthly rental of Rs. 99 kind of turned me off. Better of using Google Maps, which anyhow provides better UI, smoother navigation and will soon be pushing voice navigation (live traffic is already available). All this for free!

If you are still interested in trying out Airtel SmartDrive head over to your mobile phone and send an SMS “smart” (without quotes) to 54321 to get a link to download the application. Click on the link and install the application on your phone.


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