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Akai Launches Android Based Smart Box At Rs 6,590

After Smart TV by Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc, here comes Smart Box, which allows users to surf Internet on their television sets, by Japanese consumer electronics company Akai. This device is  driven by Android and powered by a 1.25 Ghz processor, which  comes with a wireless mouse for navigation. It is equipped with 4 GB internal memory, expandable up-to 32 GB through SD card slot. This Smart Box is priced at Rs. 6.590/-

“Our Smart box is set to change the way people watch television in India. TVs, irrespective of whether it’s a colour TV or LCDs and LEDs, are compatible with the device and using Smart Box can be converted into a smart television,” Akai Managing Director Pranay Dhabhai told PTI news agency. The company expect to sell around one lakh of these devices in the next 3 – 4 months and this figure is not difficult to achieve.

Similar to Apple TV, Smart Box is a digital media device which allows users to access content like videos, games and websites using WiFi and broadband connection. Google, which operates the Android platform, also plans to launch its set-top box ‘Google TV’. The Smart Box has 4 USB ports, hard drives as well as connect to Internet using 3G dongle. The device connects to the internet using LAN, WiFi as well as 3G. It also acts as a router using which other devices like tablet PCs and laptops can be connected to Internet.

Akai India will sell the devices through e-commerce stores, its website as well large format stores and distribution channels. It will also launch television commercials and digital campaigns for the device.


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