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Amazon.Com – Most Satisfying Online Portal To Shop

Amazon has announced that for the eighth consecutive year, the company ranks #1 in customer satisfaction during the holiday shopping season according to the ForeSee annual Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index. ForeSee surveyed over 24,000 customers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, asking them to rate their satisfaction with the top 100 retailers.

For the second year in a row, Amazon’s score of 88 out of 100 is the highest ever attained by any retailer in the study.On the other hand, Gilt.com and Fingerhut.com shared the lowest score of 72. LLBean.com had the second-highest ranking, 85, up 4 points from a year earlier.JC Penney’s score fell to 78 from 83. Other retailers that saw their ForeSee satisfaction scores drop included Apple Inc – down to 80 from 83 – and Dell Inc, which fell to 77 from 80. No. 1 U.S. retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc, which is trying to grow its online sales, scored a 78 for its Walmart.com website, down from 79 in 2011. Rival Target Corp’s website scored 79, up from 76 last year, when it had some struggles after taking over control of the site from Amazon.

Amazon also announced today that 2012 was its biggest holiday ever with over 26.5 million items ordered worldwide on its peak day, which is a record-breaking 306 items per second. Also for the second year in a row, Amazon’s tablet was the most popular item for customers—Kindle Fire HD continued its run as the #1 best-selling, most gifted, and most wished for product across the millions of items available on Amazon worldwide since its introduction 15 weeks ago.

“The importance of satisfying them and giving a great consumer experience is going to pay back huge dividends in terms of profitability for these retailers,” said Larry Freed, president and chief executive officer of ForeSee, which measures customer satisfaction for companies, including retailers. “To achieve such high customer satisfaction scores and sustain them over time is a remarkable feat that remains unmatched by any other e-retailer,” added Larry Freed.

Holiday Fun Facts


Amazon customers took advantage of free shipping over the holidays, saving hundreds of millions of dollars with Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping.On its peak day, Amazon’s worldwide fulfillment network shipped over 15.6 million units across all product categories.

Customer Purchases:

On the peak day, Nov. 26, customers ordered more than 26.5 million items worldwide across all product categories, which is a record-breaking 306 items per second. Amazon customers purchased more than one toy per second on mobile devices.


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