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AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series Processors Announced For Networking Solutions

AMD today announced the availability of its high-performance AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series, a new solution for customers requiring power-efficient processors optimized for “always on” networking firewalls, network-attached storage systems and other security applications. The Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series rounds out the “Zen 3”-based AMD embedded processor portfolio which also includes the Ryzen Embedded V3000 and EPYC Embedded 7000 series families.

AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series is built on 7nm technology and equipped with 6, 8, 12 or 16 cores and 24 lanes of PCIe Gen4 connectivity. These processors are designed for enterprise reliability to support the consistent uptime requirements needed by security and networking customers. Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series processors include robust reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features, including an ECC-supported memory subsystem. With a thermal design power (TDP) profile ranging from 65W to 105W, Ryzen Embedded 5000 processors enable the reduction of overall system cooling footprint for space-constrained and cost-sensitive applications.

AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000 strikes an optimal balance of power and performance for applications ranging from small-form factor embedded systems to storage, security, and networking systems, suiting the broadest range of customers and use cases.”

Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series processors offer:

  • Scalability up to 16 cores and 32 threads
  • Up to 64MB of shared L3 CPU Cache
  • Energy efficient TDP from 65W to 105W
  • ECC-supported memory and security features
  • 24 lanes of PCIe 4 connectivity (expandable I/O up to 36 lanes with AMD X570 chipset)
  • Optimized performance for enterprise reliability

AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series processors are currently in production with five-year planned manufacturing availability as assured by AMD.


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