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Android & Samsung Far Ahead Of Apple In Their Backyard

Samsung and Google’s Android have challenged authority of Apple in US and other countries, if reports of various analysts are to be believed. Google’s Android operating system has captured more than 50 percent of the US smartphone market, while Samsung cemented its leadership as the top device maker, a survey showed.

Samsung sold 20,000 of its Galaxy handsets every hour during the months from January to Match – outselling Apple’s iPhone by 44.5 million to 35.1 million. One in four phones sold on this earth is now a Samsung – putting the electronics giant even ahead of Nokia worldwide for the first  time. It is Samsung all the way and everywhere…!!!

In USA, even though Apple’s hot iPhone  is surging, it has not dented the lead of the Android system and the South Korean manufacturer, according to a survey. The Android system grabbed 51 % of the operating system market in the three months ending in March, up from 47.3 % in the prior quarter.

The biggest loser was BlackBerry, which saw its platform share fall to 12.3 % from 16 %. Microsoft’s share also slipped to 3.9 % from 4.7 % and Symbian held steady at 1.4 %.

Samsung remained the top maker of mobile devices including smartphones, with 26 % of the US market, from 25.3 % three months earlier. Second was fellow Korean LG with 19.3 %, down 0.7 points, and Apple was third with 14.6 %, up from 12.4 % and overtaking Motorola.

According to George Colony, CEO of Forrester research- ‘When Steve Jobs departed, he took three things with him, charismatic leadership, the ability to take big risks, and an unparalleled ability to envision and design products. Apple’s momentum will carry it for 24-48 months. But without the arrival of a new charismatic leader its growth will decelerate’.

In US and majority of other markets, Samsung and Apple are out-competing most major rivals and the smartphone market is at risk of becoming a two-horse race. Samsung with Android operating software is giving tough challenge to Apple and with forthcoming launch of new  Galaxy S III, Apple will feel more heat in the coming weeks.

Wait and watch for Olympiad of Smartphones  between Samsung and Apple  in the coming months!


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