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Apple iPad Is Most Sought After Tablet For Businesses – Survey

Apple’s dominance in tablet market is unparalleled and despite the rise of rival tablets eating into Apple’s market share, the iPad will remain the top tablet of choice for most businesses, according to a new survey. Survey results released on Tuesday showed that growing numbers of businesses plan to buy iPads as tablet computers make their way from personal lives into work places.

The research firm ChangeWave spoke with businesses last month and 22% said they were planning on purchasing tablets for their employees sometime in the next three months. Of the companies ChangeWave spoke with, 84% said the tablet they would buy would be an iPad, up seven percentage points from a survey the company took in November.

Among the other tablets considered, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line came in second with planned purchases by about 8% of survey respondents, down two percentage points from November, ChangeWave said. About 6% said they were planning on purchasing Amazon’s Kindle Fire for the workplace, while 4% said they were planning on buying a tablet from Hewlett-Packard, 3% from Asus, 3% from Dell, 3% from Research In Motion and 2% from Motorola. Although interest in the iPad had risen, interest in all competitors had declined from the November survey, ChangeWave said.

Apple last week unveiled a third-generation iPad enhanced with features aimed at keeping it on top of the booming tablet computer market. “We think that iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook  said at the unveiling, noting that iPad sales topped those of any personal computer maker during the final three months of last year.

It will be difficult for any vendor to reach near unending demand for iPad and Apple shall continue to dominate the tablet market till new technology or device emerges on the scene.


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