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Rivals, Yes! But Apple To Source New iPad Touchscreen From Samsung

As the old adage goes – Make hay while the sun shines! To expand it further, one should not hesitate to take advantage of opportunity emanating from a rival camp. This has been proved by recent report that  9.7″ touchscreen of recently announced new iPad shall be supplied by Samsung Electronics. Is this not strange that despite rivalry between Samsung and Apple, the iPad versus Galaxy Tab and iOS versus Android, yet Apple Inc. is sourcing the touchscreen from its arch rival?

Although Apple and Samsung are suing each other in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, with more than 20 lawsuits having been filed in at least 10 countries, the two adversaries are also business partners when there is a mutual benefit. This is true business sense as Samsung cannot stop Apple for selling millions of its new iPad and why not to make money on each iPad sold by Apple. Analysts expect that the third generation iPad could move 1 million units sold in the first 24 hours it goes on sale, this Friday, and that would be world record of  its kind. Apple has already sold out  its pre-order allotments of the new iPad, leaving consumers who order now with an estimated two – three week wait.

The new iPad features a touchscreen with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, double that offered by the first two generations of iPads. According to reports, Apple decided to get its touchscreens from Samsung because other suppliers such as LG and Sharp are not currently able to produce touch displays at the level of quality or resolution that Apple sought. Samsung has hit the jackpot by selling millions of its touchscreens to its main adversary.

Moral of the story: one should not ignore even its rival and should not let go any opportunity for making money!


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