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Apple iPhone 4S Will Be Up For Grabs From 25 November, 2011 – Airtel & Aircel Announce Special Tariff Plans

Finally, wait for devotees of Apple iPhone smartphone is going to be over. Their D-Day has arrived and they can have their priced possession in their hands tomorrow, i.e. on 25th November, 2011. However, it will be seen how it is received considering its high prices in India compared to US or other countries. To lessen the burden of  prospective customers of iPhone 4S, Airtel and Aircel have announced attractive tariff plans:

Airtel Tariff Plans for iPhone 4S

There are four plans to choose from viz. Rs. 600, Rs. 1000, Rs. 1600 and Rs. 2000.

  1. The cheapest plan of Rs. 600 per month gives you 500 min of talk time + 300 SMS (local + national) + 3G data of 200MB.
  2. Rs. 2000 per month offers you 1500 local minutes of talk time + 600 SMS (local + national) + 3072 MB (Approx. 3 GB) of 3G data.
Each plan is currently being offered at 50% discount – that means you pay Rs. 300 for the Rs 600 plan, Rs. 500 for the Rs. 1000 plan, Rs. 800 for the Rs.1600 plan and Rs. 1000 for the Rs. 2000 plan.

You can more details about Airtel’s iPhone 4S tariff plans by visiting Airtel’s official iPhone page.

Aircel Tariff Plans for iPhone 4S


  1. 1. If you are on Airtel and data connection drops every 3 hours then it is network related problem. Contact Airtel.
    2. You’re probably not connecting it the right way. There is an option to use the phone as “USB storage” when connected via USB. Select that option. I don’t own Android device and hence can’t give you the exact steps to make this change.

  2. Problems Related To Samsung galaxy Ace
    1.The Data network mode Automatically gets deactivated and when v try to activate it the function of activation doesnt work ? Problem in galaxy ace or the network provider ?
    2.the multipurpose jack some times only does the function of charging usb connected is nt shown and then the phone has to be restarted to make it function


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