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NetSpot – Full WiFi Service In One Application For Mac Book

NetSpot is the new software application that is especially made for Mac Books. You, as a Mac user would not find it hard to find applications in keeping yourself near the best Wi-Fi hot-spots. There are different NetSpot functionalities that you would surely love:

Wi-Fi Map Visualization

NetSpot would help you in placing your Wi-Fi network in hotspots and assigning the radio channels properly. With NetSpot WiFi map, you can actually see a wide coverage of hotspots and deadspots from your location. Also, with this map, you will be able to see load of channels. With this, you would be able to decide how to use them wisely.

Wi-Fi Network Planning

NetSpot is not all about tracking dead-spots and hot-spots for getting best internet browsing experience, in fact, it could also be your best tool in setting up your own network. It would help you gather information on channels which include the empty ones. Once you found an empty channel, this could be the great signal that the channel is your lucky place to establish your network. You would not need to check each channel for the process with NetSpot is easier. All the data are gathered all at once automatically.

Wi-Fi Quick Coverage Monitoring

You can check your Wi-Fi coverage in clicks. You can immediately determine radio signal leakages, map channel usage, and noise sources. You can also locate access points which are active right from your spot. You just need to point out your position upon usage of the application and you can do the following processes in no time.

User-Friendly Wi-Fi Site Survey Application

The application would not need any experts or programmers to run. Even average people can use the great features of the software anytime. The controls are standard and are very comprehensible.

These are the best functionality of NetSpot. Possibly, with this kind of application, you would no longer ask for other applications to support your WLAN site survey needs. NetSpot is a great, packaged application that could incredibly provide great services in a minimal time. It is the only application for Mac that does these things and is completely FREE. Don’t be left out and start getting the most out of NetSpot now!

Visit NetSpot website to download the latest version of their Free Wireless Survey Software.


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