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Apple iPhone 5 Will Be Revamped With 4 Inch Screen & Enhanced Features

Dear Apple fans – great and good news for you!

Your beloved iPhone 5 smartphone will be available in new avatar in  second quarter of 2012 and this model will have bigger screen of 4″ inch, good battery and other enhanced features. This news has been given by a website iLounge, who have spoken to sources within Apple to elicit this information.

According to their sources, the late CEO of Apple – Steve Jobs, was not in favor of bigger screen for iPhone 4S, but this time the new phone will have bigger screen to take on with various Android based smartphone rivals. It is expected that the body of new phone will also get changed and iPhone 5 will be in metal casing – probably aluminium. It is still in engineering phase and expected to be introduced by second quarter of 2012. The issue of battery life is being addressed because by the time it will be launched, 4G network will be available in many countries and which offers faster data transmission. The new iPhone is being built to cope up with 4G network and good battery life as Apple has faced glitches in battery of its iPhone 4S.

If rumors were to be believed then iPhone 5 will have 10 megapixel lens and like the iPad2, it will have aluminum backs. The iPhone 5 is  going to have a nicer screen with better colours. And the new phone will have a personal assistant, but unlike being called Siri – as it is on the iPhone 4S – it will simply be called ‘Assistant’.

It is believed that new management of Apple Inc. will carry on the legacy of Steve Jobs, successfully to another level of satisfaction for its users and itself. Steve Jobs has created a brand, which is unparalleled in corporate history and new CEO of Apple – Tim Cook, should take the company forward, with new products and innovations. Tim Cook will not disappoint fans of iPhone and before new product is launched, all the previous issues will be addressed by him.

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