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Apple May Come Out With A Smaller iPad To Beat Competition?

There are unconfirmed reports that Apple, which is dominant leader in tablet market, is considering smaller iPad having screen size of 7.85″ inch compared to 9.7″ inch of its current iPad.  There are also speculation that this smaller iPad could be stripped down version of current iPad to reduce its cost so that those customers who cannot purchase iPad which starts from $499 and who want to use limited applications, can be proud owner of an Apple product.

This anticipation of smaller iPad has caught the imagination of media by successful launch of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, which is selling like hot cakes in US since its arrival on retail shelves. Moreover, Google’s tablet is smartly priced at USA $199 and its Android software is already a hit among smartphone users. The would be buyers could not have asked for better option at this price and another reason for its frenzied sales across all retailers is the fact that it has got rave reviews from all the analysts. What else a new product require to get successful? Another reason for Apple to consider smaller tablet could be that Amazon is working on a new version of Kindle Fire with a larger display. The Kindle Fire has given some tough time to Apple in US and was bought by those who could not afford an expensive iPad. One more reason for Apple to come out with smaller iPad could be forthcoming launch of Surface tablet of Microsoft.

Apple does not want to give above three giants to gain considerable share of tablet market. Although founder of iPad – Late Steve Jobs was not in favour of small size iPad because of ease of running of Apps. He was of the view that a tablet should have minimum screen of 10 inches to create good Apps for it.

Personally speaking, sometimes even 10 inch tablet like new iPad becomes inconvenient when you are writing lot of emails and readinga at length. I am using an iPad and my personal expereince is that for using at great length of time, my eyes get strained and I feel like opting to type mails on my PC or laptop. A 7″ inch tablet may be useful for youngsters who just want to flip through some Apps and do not want to read at length or listen to music. If you want to use a tablet for casual applications then smaller size tablet is ok but for serious work, I am of the firm opinion that a larger dispaly is a must.

Probably, late Steve Jobs must have also agreed to come out with a smaller tablet had he been alive today, to take on the competition and keep Apple’s position as market leader in all segments of tablet market. Let us see when and at what price smaller iPad is launched, if at all, by Apple and till then keep your fingers crossed!


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