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Apple To Unveil iPhone 5S & 5C In September- Reports

The next generation of Apple iPhone is overdue now keeping in view of the fact that new flagship Android devices have flooded the market. The new Android devices especially from the stables of Samsung,Sony,LG,HTC and of late Chinese companies like Lenovo,ZTE and Huawei, give ample opportunites to prospective buyers of smartphones to choose the device as per their requirements and budjet.

The problem with Apple is that they are stuck-up with only one premier smartphone and the customer has only one choice – either take it or leave it. Apple’s philosophy of giving only one offering at a time will not work any more. For instance, its arch-rival Samsung give customer wider choices to buy one of its smartphones. If you do not have budjet for Galaxy S4 then you can select its mini version or economical versions of Galaxy Ace or Galaxy Grand in India.

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As per the rumor mills, the upcoming iPhone 5S will sport a 5 inch screen as per the current trend. Another speculation is that it will come with a thinner bezel and will be apcked with a higher capacity battery. The new iPhone 5S will feature a display carrying twice the pixels than the existing iPhone 5, and will be powered by a quad-core processor. The new iteration of iPhone 5S is expected to be available in multiple colors.

Another reports emerging from various blogs and tech speculators is that Apple may come out with cheaper version of iPhone 5 which may be named iPhone 5C to denote its budjet price. This range may start from US$ 99 and will be available in five or six colors. but whether Apple will compromise with its brand value by bringing out such cheap version of its smartphone, is any body’s guess.

Wait and watch how this story of Apple iPhone develops in the coming days as we are hearing every day new rumour! Apple will have to give surprise to the market to grab maximum attention from the buyers and keep its boxes moving in good numbers.


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