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Arista Vault Launches Jarviz Smart Luggage

Arista Vault, the pioneer in smart luggage technology, has introduced its latest innovation, the JARVIZ smart luggage for safe and trouble free travel.

JARVIZ luggage comes with cutting-edge technology. The JARVIZ removes the hassle of lugging around heavy bags in crowded airports and metro stations. With its Follow Me Mode, it allows this smart luggage to effortlessly glide behind you for up to 10 Km, freeing up your hands to carry your essentials with ease. It has power wheels at the back and a display unit on the top, along with AI sensors that automatically connect with the remote. The smart luggage is polished with the same coating used for cars.

With the Ride On Mode, enabling you to sit and ride at speeds of 7, 9, and 12 Kmph for distances of up to 7 Km. The Self-Balancing/Climb Mode of this luggage ensures seamless navigation on inclined or rugged teraains. It also comes with the USB charging port. Jarviz has 33L capacity and can carry 120 Kg in Ride-On Mode.

You can track your Jarviz luggage with precision using the GPS tracker through the Arista Vault App. It also has anti-theft feature, including a num-lock system and separation alarm for added security.

Jarviz has been made from eco-friendly premium materials and is made in India.

The price of this smart luggage starts at Rs.15,000 and goes upto Rs.60,000 for the premium model and it is available exclusively on Arista Vault’s official website.

Arista Vault’s other products also come with smart features. The Anti-Theft alarm alerts users if their wallet is taken beyond 20 meters, while the Ring My Phone/Wallet feature helps locate misplaced items. Arista Vault’s smart leather bags come equipped with a fingerprint lock system for added security and are available in stylish vegan croc-textured designs.


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