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Asus India Releases A Short Film On Low Light Heroes Of Mumbaikars

ASUS India today released a heart-warming short film to recognize the contribution of the people, who work through the night to help others in need. The film documents the real-life experiences of three ordinary Mumbaikars. These people when confronted with emergencies in the middle of the night, receive aid from responsible citizens. Called the ‘Low Light Heroes’ by ASUS, such citizens put their personal comfort aside to come to the rescue of others at wee hours.

Set in the city of Mumbai, the film portrays the stories of Pooja Banerjee, Ramesh Narang and Aditya Shah, three Mumbai residents who needed urgent assistance at a time when it is almost impossible to find it. Yet, they are given a proof of Mumbai, and in turn, the country’s selflessness through people whose contribution to making the society a better place, is generally forgotten. From policemen who keep the city safe to taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers who ensure that people reach their destinations, from rail motormen who keep the city running even past midnight to road construction workers who repair roads, this film is ASUS’ tribute to their sacrifices and dedication.

The concept of the film emerged from ASUS’ very own PixelMaster low-light mode feature which allows the camera to capture crystal clear and sharp images even in low light conditions. Like the camera mode, the gallant acts of the ‘Low Light Heroes’ only come to light at night, when the rest of the city sleeps.


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