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Asus India Shows Novel Gesture To Salute Brave Indian Soldiers This Diwali With #LightUpLoC

To show solidarirty with brave Indian soldiers who protect our borders in hostile conditions and make our life peaceful, the Taiwanese brand Asus India known for state of the art Zenfone range of smartphones, laptops and other devices, has launched #LightUpLoC to send their warm Diwali wishes to the brave soldiers stationed at the LoC to celebrate an #IncredibleDiwali.  This gesture of Asus is all the more important to convey message to the armed forces that the whole country is behind them and are thankful to them for successful surgical attacks in the troublesome neighbouring country.


Known to promote peace and harmony, Diwali, the festival of lights involves a popular custom of exchanging greetings and decorating one’s house with lanterns and lights. Keeping up with the tradition, #LightUpLoC will allow the users to write warm wishes for the brave-hearts at the LoC on a virtual lantern and then release it. The lanterns will then illuminate the LoC on a virtual map of India.

Here are the steps users can follow to wish India’s valiant soldiers:

1. Visit https://z3n.asus.in/lightupLoC/ 
2. Log in with their Facebook credentials
3. Type their message for the Indian Armed Forces on a lantern that appears on the screen
4. Release the lantern that will fly and come to a halt at a particular location on the virtually created LoC, adding to the lanterns illuminated by other users
5. The user can share the final eagle-view image of the lit up LoC on their social media accounts, asking others to join in as well
6. A map of India shows the entire trail of the lanterns real time with the lanterns being shown across India

Through this , Asus aims to light 724,000 lanterns – 1 lantern for every meter along with 724 kilometers of the LOC. Users will be required to write their wishes before 30th October 2016. The virtual map of the LoC with all the illuminated lanterns will be available for everyone to see at all times.


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