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Bosch High Pressure WashersAre Ideal For Removing Stubborn Dust From Auto Vehicles



At an event in Chandigarh where automobile enthusiasts assembled, Bosch Power Tools India, showcased their range of High Pressure Washers which are ideal for cleaning cars, jeeps, motorcycles etc and can be used for home cleaning also.


Bosch Power Tools demonstrated in front of gathered audience of prominent bikers, jeep enthusiasts, media and bloggers community, how their High Pressure Washers work and how fast they clean the dirtiest vehicles so easily. The company invited the gathered audience to smirch few vehicles with dusty water and make them as dirty as possible which you can see in the above image. Then the company official cleaned the dirtiest vehicles comprising of cars, SUV and motorcycles with Bosch High Pressure Washers instantly and these vehicles started shining again as depicted below.


High Pressure Washers from Bosch come in range of HPW AQT 33-11, AQT 35-12, AQT 35-13, AQT 37-13 and more a at prices starting from MRP of Rs. 13,699 to Rs. 20,399.

These High Pressure Washers can perform in the most rugged of environments. The USP of these Washers are they have high flow rate which combined with powerful pressure, significantly reduce the water consumption when compared to the traditional belt driven pressure washers. These are ready to connect washers and can accomplish various tasks besides automobiles. Bosch Washers range can be used for cleaning cars, SUVs, Hatchbacks, Motor Bikes, Bicycles, Driveway, patios, kitchen and bathroom tiles, windows shades, outdoor furniture, home AC etc.


I was really impressed with the Bosch Washers for their ease of use for multiple applications and their very fast performance. For those who love their vehicles the most and can’t afford to see their machines in bad condition, these Bosch Washers will certainly be their choice to be part of their tools at home. When your vehicles get dirtier easily especially in the rainy season or after you long journeys then you need not have to rush to the service station to get your vehicles cleaned. Now you can do it yourself with Bosch Washers to give your vehicles sparkling look again.


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