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Atlanta Healthcare Launches Portable AirVisual Node Air Quality Monitor To Combat Air Pollution


To combat air pollution in India which poses lot of health risks to the populace, Atlanta Healthcare known for selling air purifiers and military grade N99 pollution Cambridge masks  in India, has partnered with AirVisual and launched today Node Air Quality Monitor. The beauty of the Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node is that it is very compact and portable device and can be kept any where in the room or outside. It is an “all in one” device that not only monitors but also compares and gives actionable tips and advice to create healthier and productive environment.


The Node air quality monitor has 5 inch LED screen which displays fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations via smartphone after downloading its AirVisual app available on Android and iOS platforms. It is easy to set-up and connects through Wi-Fi and its app is user friendly.


When the Node is placed indoors, it gives tailored recommendations to optimise a healthy indoor environment, such as alerting one to open windows and ventilate when CO2 builds up indoors, run an air purifier when indoor PM2.5 is high, or advising when to venture outside. It becomes public outdoor air monitoring station when placed outside as it shares air quality data with a global network. This app reports air quality readings and forecasts for 10,000+ locations around the world. In India, the app reports pollution levels and forecasts for more than 100 points in major cities across the country.

It also offers an air pollution forecast, allowing users to plan their outdoor activities for the healthiest times possible. It also measures temperature and humidity.

The Node is very relevant for spaces where people congregate like schools, gym, hospitals, hotels, offices, home, industries etc. as it lowers your health risk and improve well-being.

The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node is priced Rs. 18,990 and is currently available at www.amazon.in and http://atlantahealthcare.in It will start selling via offline retail channels also in due course of time.

Technical Specifications of the Node:

  • 5-inch LED screen, 800 × 480pixles, True colour
  • Quad-core CPU chip- for advanced signal processing
  • Battery – Rechargeable Li ion, 5 hours in standard use, charging using standard micro USB charger which is in the box, power consumption consumption 0.8 mA max
  • Real-time sensor calibration- based on external factors (temperature, humidity, pressure)
  • The CO2 sensor of Node is an Infrared gas sensor (NRID) the components of which include an infrared source, light tube, interference filter and infrared detector
  • High precision laser sensor with airflow control fans for better accuracy
  • Auto power saving mode
  • Time network sync
  • Data logging up to 5 years


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