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OnePlus Announces Diwali Dash Sale : Procedure For Participation


Chinese start-up OnePlus known for highend smartphones at very attractive prices has announced the Diwali Dash Sale on its exclusive e-commerce store in India – http://oneplusstore.in. The Diwali Dash Sale will be held between October 24 to 26, 2016, each day at 12 PM, 4 PM and 8 PM (IST).

Simple Procedure to participate:

A participation must complete the four steps of registration (namely account registration, mobile number verification, shipment address and share the event on at least one of his social media platforms) in order to win an ‘entrance ticket’. The entrance ticket makes a participant eligible to purchase a mystery product for just ?1.

What is on offer:

At the beginning of each session, a batch of ?1 Mystery Boxes will be released through a lucky draw. The session ends when all Mystery Boxes are exhausted. A participant may keep drawing until she/he draws a Box, or until all Boxes are taken. There is a brief cool-down period after each draw. Each OnePlus Account is eligible to receive a maximum of one Box only. Contents of the Box are revealed once he/she completes the payment of ?1. Unpaid-for Boxes expire after three hours.

Details of contest:

OnePlus users need to register themselves using their OnePlus phone’s IMEI number on the Diwali Dash page – https://oneplusstore.in/diwali/dash – and will win an assured coupon worth ?250. The contest is where OnePlus displays a picture of any product and asks users to go to the OnePlus e-commerce portal to find the same and share the screenshot through their social media platforms. Lucky winners stand a chance to walk away with a goodie bag.

How to enhance chance to win:

The participants can further level up their chances by accomplishing few additional tasks namely verify their OnePlus device, purchase accessories from the OnePlus Store, share the event on more than one social media platform and invite friends to the event. The higher level you are, the higher chance for you to win the most sought after prizes.


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