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Audio System 8.8 By Apart Audio Launched; Sennheiser India To Distribute It

Belgian audio solutions brand, Apart Audio, today announced the launch of the Audio system 8.8 in India. This product will be distributed in India by Sennheiser India.

AUDIOSYSTEM8.8_Back_highres__1416927591_23294The Audio system 8.8 is ideal for those consumers, who are looking for a complete audio solution that covers many small or medium sized applications with just one unit. It is a small size multi-zone entertainment. One needs to install and plug in different electonic units such as sources, amplifiers, wall panels etc in order to provide the perfect audio solution for the end user. This system can be used in supermarkets, bars and restaurant, office buildings, hotels, sport centres, wellness areas or schools.

The Audio system 8.8 audio matrix is equipped with 8 speaker outputs (4 stereo or 8 mono zones) with each a built-in 30 watts digital amplifier and also has 4 additional line outputs. The unit has 4 FM radios built-in and it has 4/8 stereo/mono line inputs. Audiosystem 8.8 is configured with 4 stereo inputs in 4 stereo output zones as well.

The unique feature of the Audiosystem 8.8 is that the consumer can easily access the integrated web server based GUI to configure the audio system. Audiosystem 8.8 can be remote controlled via the DIWAC wall panels as well as via any mobile device due to web server based GUI.

The  8.8 is equipped with an emergency mute contact and in the event of an emergency, the messages coming from the central audio system will overrule the music in the shops when needed. Furthermore, Audiosystem 8.8 has an all call paging functionality and a party mode function. On the DIWAC wall panels an all on/off button can be selected to shut down or start the entire audio system.



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