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Barco 2nd Generation ClickShare Conference CX-50 Model with Dual Screen Support Announced

Barco, meeting room technology leader, today announced the 2nd generation of its CX-50, the premium ClickShare Conference model. This models comes with dual screen support, allowing content to be shown on two room displays side by side. During video meetings, one of the screens is dedicated to the remote participants, where they remain visible at all-time thanks to the smart meeting flows of the ClickShare App. This ensures a more equitable experience for all meeting attendees, no matter if they join remotely or in-room.

Just like the entire ClickShare Conference range, the new CX-50 2nd generation works with any device, any videoconferencing platform, any peripheral, and in any type of meeting room.

The ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation adds native interoperability to fixed room system set-ups by enabling automatic switching between Room mode and Bring Your Own Meeting mode. This allows users to easily switch between the fixed room system setup and other videoconferencing solutions. Connectivity options are simplified, with a single USB-C cable between the Base Unit and room display to power the device and send video output to the display. IT managers are able to meet strict internal security policies with both a wireless and wired alternative.

The combination of easy management via the XMS Cloud platform, SmartCare coverage and the agnostic nature of the product, makes the CX-50 2nd generation the smartest investment in the workplace of the future.

All ClickShare devices have the A++ ecolabel in Barco’s transparent scoring. The smart eco-design of 2nd generation products is reflected in ecological design choices, higher energy efficiency and better material use, with housing fabricated from recycled, non-paint plastics.

In addition, Barco ClickShare aspires to introduce the CX-50 2nd generation as one of the first carbon-neutral wireless conferencing solutions on the market, which is a natural extension of Barco’s corporate values and leading, ambitious sustainability strategy.

“In a hybrid environment, technology is crucial in giving all meeting participants an equal voice and making collaboration truly successful,” said Stijn Henderickx, EVP Meeting & Learning Experience. “ClickShare Conference helps increase engagement and connection between participants in hybrid meetings.”

“By investing in people and planet with a well-balanced carbon footprint, ClickShare is committed to bringing customers the most sustainable, compliant, and flexible solution in the workplace. With one of the first carbon-neutral solutions in the industry, ClickShare is proving its position as an innovator in the collaboration and conferencing market,” Stijn Henderickx concludes.


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