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BBM Voice & BBM Channels Now Available For Android & iPhone

BlackBerry has released today a  new version 2.0 of BBM for Android, iPhone and BlckBerry users. Android and iPhone customers will now be able to make free voice calls to BBM contacts over a Wi-Fi or data connection with BBM Voice, as well as access BBM Channels. In addition, BBM customers on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones will have more to chat about with fast one-click sharing of photos, documents, voice notes and more. BBM customers will also be able to share their live location for a specified amount of time with other BBM contacts by using location sharing, powered by Glympse, and will have 100 new emoticons available to help them say what’s on their mind.

BBM 2.0 (image 1)Features of updated BBM 2.0:

BBM Voice : Now, you can make free calls to BBM contacts anywhere in the world ovr a Wi-Fi or data connection. When a BBM contact is available for a BBM Voice call, you’ll see a green icon in the top right hand corner of your chat. To call them, simply touch the green icon and your call will be connected.

BBM Channels : lets users chat with other BBM users about topics that interest them. Customers can join channels about a range of topics from products, hobbies and sports to entertainment, fashion, cars and more. Channels can be created by brands, businesses and BBM users alike and are a great way to communicate directly and immediately with people who share common interests in the broader BBM community. By posting to their channel, channel owners immediately reach their subscribers with a message that can spark discussions.

Location Sharing Power by Glympse: enable you to share your live location for a specific amount of time. You can also deciede how long you want to share your location for by setting the timer, and when the timer runs out your location becomes private again.

BBM users will now be able to share images, calendar items, contacts, voice notes, and more. Further, Dropbox cloud-storage service has also been integrated with BBM. This feature will enable the users to send a file from their personal cloud directly to a BBM contact, and at the  receiving end, one can save the file directly to their smartphone or add it to their Dropbox account.

screen-shot-2014-02-12-at-9-35-53-pmThe new release of BBM also includes 100 great new emoticons, and boasts of larger BBM groups. It includes 50-person BBM Groups so you can get more of your friends, family or team in on the action.


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