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Beware Of Free iPad Scam On Facebook – Insensitive Rots Trying To Make Money On Steve Jobs Death

Greed has captured the imagination of scammers who are bent upon making money on the demise of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer. They are offering free iPads to Facebook users and urging them to click on a link to register for free Apple product and then completing online surveys or enter gambling sites. The scammers earn profit when gullible users click on the links and scammers get commission on the volume of traffic they bring to these websites.

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This particular scam may not result in computer viruses but online criminals may have some nefarious designs in their mind to take advantage of the death of Steve Jobs. They could have easily taken those users to the webpage containing malicious code or phishing page  designed to steal credentials of the users, according to a researcher.

This type of scam although is bad in taste yet not new. Computer fraudsters always look for opportunities to befool the users and frequently attract them by linking news of the latest tragedy or celebrity gossip to offer for free products and then packaging them in tainted Facebook messages, tweets or e-mails.

Beware of such lucrative and dangerous offers and just avoid them at all cost.


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