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BlackBerry Apps That Will Help Students To Prepare For Exams

image001The final examinations of the school and colleges are round the corner. During these days, most of the students and parents feel stressed. To take out the students from this predicament, BlackBerry has come out with few applications, which are free of chage, and that can take examination blues away and help you out during preparations and be stress free. Some of these applications are:

Study Buddy

Double sided flash cards are an excellent way to aid in learning and memorization. With this application, you can create your own custom deck to study for an exam, learn a new language. Flash cards can be made up of a combination of text, lists, and even images directly from your device’s camera. Cards can be viewed in a slideshow mode that supports intuitive gestures to easily navigate through your cards at your own pace.

image010Concentration Tips

To help you focus and keep your nerves down, this help gives you tips for concentrating better while studying.

Periodic Table Lite

This app provides quick reference of basic data of all the elements. The app gives a brief description of Periodic Table of Elements. It shows General properties, Physical properties and Atomic properties of all the elements.


TimeTab is a highly interactive and student oriented lecture schedule planner. It is a simple app to serve the growing demands of schedule flexibility among students. It was designed to aid students in the planning of the day to day activities.

Dear students, use these apps and feel relaxed and prepare for your exams without any hassles. No need to worry, if you are working hard, you will definitely come out with flying colors.

All the best for your upcoming exams! Do well.



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