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Block Unwanted & Spam Text Messages (SMS) Using smsBlocker

Earlier spam emails were (in fact still are) a problem and inboxes were flooded with spam emails creating difficulty in locating useful emails. Now a days, spam text messages/sms are creating havoc amongst mobile users all over the world. Although, telecom service providers have introduced the facility of NDNC (National Do Not Call) registering with will reduce the spam messages sent to your mobile number, however, there are times (many times) when spam messages are still received by you. In order to keep this menace in check, an Indian based developer, Optinno Mobitech, has developed an application specifically to block such sms/text messages.

smsBlocker Review

The application is very easy to use. All you need to do is input the numbers (from phonebook or manually) in the Block List or Accept Sender List and you are safe from being spammed by sms’s/text messages sent from number’s present in the list. The application has a settings option wherein you are provided with options for Application Auto Start, Suspicious Message Preview, etc. The settings can be altered as per the requirements. smsBlocker also provides a feature to view the number of sms’s blocked and the ability to filter content (Blocked content and Allowed content). Overall the application does the task easily by quietly running in the background and filtering sms’s. But, the major setback this application faces is the ability to restore the blocked sms/text messages. Once blocked, a sms cannot be restored to the inbox or viewed (not even from inside the application). The application does allow you to view the blocked sms’s via a “bin” folder created by the smsBlocker while installing under “My Folders”.

Everything being said, it is a useful application and is a must have for all those who are fed up of receiving spam sms’s. The application is currently developed exclusively for Nokia phones and can be used on all Symbian S60 devices (including s60v5 based touch devices). To check if this app is compatible with your mobile visit this page.

Free License’s of smsBlocker

Optinno Mobitech Pvt. Ltd., a pune based firm, has recently launched smsBlocker. And as a way to promote this useful utility, they are offering lifetime license of smsBlocker worth Rs. 99 for FREE till 28th June 2010. No Strings attached, all you need to do in order to get a free license for your self (or your friend, or any other family member) is to visit this link.


  1. Thanks for the review Paritosh.
    Please make a correction in your post-
    You CAN review and restore the blocked sms. When you install smsBlocker, a folder named ‘Bin’, is created automatically in the ‘Messaging- My foloders’ option. All blocked sms are kept in that Bin folder. So you can go there to see and restore the blocked SMS. We have also given a screenshot (no. 6) of the same on the site. Pl check http://www.smsblocker.in/HowWorks.aspx.
    Kindly make the update in your review. Thanks.


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