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Bluetooth File Transfer: A Better File Manager For Symbian, Java & Android Platform

Inbuilt file managers of mobile phones of different platforms, be it java, android or symbian, usually lack basic functions like ability to compress files, file renaming, extracting zip archives, etc. Bluetooth File Transfer, a mobile application developed by Medieval Software, is a mobile software which serves as an alternative for the default file manager for java, symbian, android based mobile phones (Symbian/Android as smartphones ;)).

Bluetooth File Transfer (Don’t go by its name) is a free file manager which besides serving the basic task of cut/copy/paste/delete functionality comes with plethora of features. Some of the functions that were useful to me were:

  • Allows you to send files via bluetooth directly from the application itself.
  • Compress files in .zip, .tar, .jar, .nth, .gz .thm format, thus saving precious space on mobile phone with limited memory.
  • Extraction of above mentioned file formats.
  • Ability to create/edit/rename a folder on phone/external memory card.

Bluetooth File Transfer needs to have bluetooth to be turned on it order to work. Besides this flaw, I would recommend it to all the java/symbian/android based mobile phone users looking for a free alternative to managing files on the mobile phone.

You can download Bluetooth File Transfer for free directly from Medieval Software’s website. Follow the links below to download for respective OS:


  1. Excellent software ever. I am using this for last 6 months. But I have to thank you for your post. Thanks.


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