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Bobble AI Indic Keyboard Integrates with WhatsApp; Also Launches GIFs, Stickers For Republic Dy

Bobble AI has launched a series of GIFs, Stickers and Emoticons expressing secularism, pride and nationalism on its Indic keyboard to mark the 71st Republic Day of India. Bobble has also become the first Indic keyboard to integrate with WhatsApp and will now allow users to share any personalized stickers & emojis in just one tap as stated by the company in its press statement.

The one-tap feature of the Bobble keyboard allows people to share stickers in a single step; it’s just one click and people can share stickers with their peers, family, and friends. Users can choose from the huge Bobble Sticker library and can add fun to their conversation. They can modify stickers in real time such as – Accessories, expressions and text. Earlier while sharing stickers, it used to go in an image format. Now it goes in a WhatsApp native sticker format, adds the statement of the company.

On the commemorative series Ankit Prasad, Founder and CEO, Bobble AI, said, “Republic Day is the red-letter day in the history of India. It is celebrated with the same spirit and manner as we celebrate other festivals in India. People share Republic Day messages so that they can convey their pride, patriotism, and nationalism. Our special series of Republic Day GIFs, Stickers and Emoticons are giving strong message of what India believes in i.e – UNITY. With our secular emojis we encourage more and more people to share and communicate their love for India.”

On the integration with WhatsApp, Rahul Prasad, Co-founder, and CTO, Bobble AI, said, “Every time while chatting in WhatsApp, people had to go through the hassle of sharing stickers as an image unless it’s added to WhatsApp as WhatsApp Sticker. We have always wanted the capability to send native WhatsApp stickers directly via keyboard but could not have achieved it with the support of the messaging platform. Fortunately, WhatsApp has now helped us in achieving the same. We are excited since this integration method opens door for multiple innovative and expressive features in future. WhatsApp being the primary messaging platform for millennial today, we aspire to equip them with fun and expressive features. The next one in the line is large sized standard emojis just like he custom republic day emojis we released today. Our one-tap feature is making the entire process easier and quicker.”

Bobble AI has recently partnered with Xiaomi to develop their ‘Mint Keyboard’ which will be pre-loaded across Xiaomi devices in India and Indonesia, to begin with, and later to the rest of the world.


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