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BreakFree Mobile App Helps You Maintain A Healthy Digital Lifestlye

Mobifolio, a startup from Mumbai has introduced a revolutionary mobile app to help control your smartphone addiction and in turn help you lead a healthy digital lifestyle. BreakFree is available for free on Android and will be launching soon for IOS.

BreakFree monitors your phone usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone. With visually appealing characters and graphs, the app helps you track and reduce your phone usage.


At its core, BreakFree, uses a highly advanced algorithm to calculate your phone addiction level in real time and maintains a history for the same. The app keeps the user engaged by communicating results via a friendly but a tad bit exaggerated character called Sato, a baby monk. The user has an option to view these results in his notification bar as well, this way he does not need to unlock his phone.


BreakFree also provides you with a wide array of tools to help you stay away from your phone. Tools such as disabling the Internet, rejecting phone calls, sending auto text messages, etc. can be started on a need basis or scheduled to run on a weekly basis. So lets say its time for your morning jog or that all-important family mealtime, these tools can help you stay undisturbed. Various other settings are also available to help the user prevent spending unnecessary time on his phone.

BreakFree is available for free in the Google Play Store. Please click on the link below to download:



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