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You Can Have Stadium Like Feel With LG OLED & Super UHD 4K TVs

Whether you are spots enthusiasts or movie buffs and do not want to move out from the comfort of your room to watch the action in the stadium or in movie theaters then behold, you have an entertaining solution at your hand. South Korean giant, LG can really make your life good and entertaining with their latest state of the art televisions with the latest technologies employed on it. These LG TVs will compell you not to move out from the confines of your rooms and still have stadium and theatre like feel.

Some of the best LG televisions that will enhance your viewing experience:



LG E6 series is available in two screen sizes – 65 (164cm) & 55 (138cm). The E6 series features LG’s premium technologies which are an amalgamation of OLED display, 4K resolution and OLED HDR 4K (High Dynamic Range) powered by latest Dolby Vision technology. The OLED TV boasts of Infinite contrast generated from perfect blacks a feat previous unachieved by LCD TVs. The OLED E6 series has been designed with a bold approach as its unique blade slim design gives it an ultra slim profile thus making the TV an ultra-thin 2.57mm OLED panel with a translucent glass back and forward-facing sound bar speaker system. These TVs are strictly conceptualized to achieve super high definition picture quality supported by perfect brilliant lights and deepest darks for infinite contrast and rich color.

LG Super UHD 4K TV

LG-SUPER-UHD-TVThis is ultra slim TV and its Super UHD 4K technology will provide you a super awesome viewing experience as it displays billions of rich colours. The amazing contrast and life like display are displayed with the best HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology mastered in Dolby Vision. HDR SUPER supports Dolby Vision, which ensures brighter, sharper images delivered with better contrast and strikingly improved color.

This TV is encompassed with IPS 4K Quantum display. The IPS 4K Quantum Display sets the LG SUPER UHD TV apart from other UHD TVs.

These TVs are equipped with Harman Kardon speakers which bolster the sound output of TV. The latest WebOS 3.0 user interface provides smooth intuitive navigation. It enhances mobile connectivity, remote features and provide more content options for today’s youngsters.

LG Smart TVs

These TVs have completely changed and revolutionized the way you watch television today. LG’s super stylish Smart TVs are an amalgamation of the latest advanced technology and the best user interface platform, Web OS 3.0. Its smart operations allows you to control many devices using Magic remote and provide easily sharing smaller screens on TV’s.

Some of the features of Web OS 3.0 are Magic remote which acts like a universal remote and with it, you can use scroll, gesture or give voice commands to the TV; with Magic Zoom, you can zoom in on objects and pictures on the screen without hampering the picture quality. You can also sync your smartphones with the LG Smart TV and access their apps and phone data on the television via the LG TV Plus App.

Multi-View feature enables you to split the screen of the Smart TV and watch two different programmes at a time. You can play music via Music Player App even when the TV screen is off. With Smart Share, you can access all your music, videos and photos from your laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone and view on a big screen.


Beside TVs, you can also enjoy games and other content via streaming on various LG smartphones and the latest LG G5 having 5.3-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum display (2560 x 1440 / 554ppi) to have very good viewing experience. You also get very sound output on this handset and with its 4K LTE capability, you can live stream the content wherever you are. And with portable LG PH 1 Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to the highlights of those games whose action you have missed.

To sum up, LG has all the solutions so that you do not miss any action of the current ongoing sports events and other actions on entertainment front.


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